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NaFuTel is an application born with the desire to bring beautiful experiences at the best facilities for your anniversaries, and birthdays, as a reward, a gift for someone, or for your special day or Friend. You can also go to an unknown and unexplored area with NaFuTel.

We use NFT service - Apply blockchain to the system to generate NFT tokens associated with each reservation, users can use this token to check-in. Even if you can't stay, you can resell at NaFuTel Market and there will be no cancellation fee. So you can safely book with NaFuTel.

  • Hotel Reservation
  • Resale market
  • Message
  • Payment Wallet
  • Hotel Management
  • Graph
  • Sales Manager
  • Review
  • Favorite
  • Notifications
  • Hotel CMS
  • Technical Leader
  • Quality Assurance Leader
  • Front-end Engineer(s)
  • Back-end Engineer(s)
  • Product UX/UI Designer(s)
  • Quality Assurance(s)

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